Is Link Removal Services Still Relevant ?

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  • nisha
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    • Aug 2014
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    Is Link Removal Services Still Relevant ?

    Companies now need to remove inorganic backlinks because site’s link strength fully depends on unnatural and manipulative links which affects the site’s rankings and overall traffic at very high risk. And companies need to be aware of these links now. Before facing any kind of traffic drop, Google can re-evaluates their site’s backlinks either through an algorithm update or a manual reviews.

    Up until 2012 Google was positively evaluating the vast majority of links on the web no matter how useful, relevant or trustworthy the sites. Google delivers the best possible organic results to searchers, they came up with a controversial idea in order to clear the link graph of all unnatural, paid and manipulative links that were slipping undetected through their algorithms.
    Then they decided that the responsibility of links pointing at a website,would be of the owners rather than Google’s algorithm.

    Of course this decision did not come without any collateral damage (AKA negative SEO) and Google had clearly declared a war against anyone who had tried to manipulate their now question is that

    "Is it really worthwhile spending time on link removals?"
    So there are two main situations where link removal services would be beneficial:

    1. Your site has received a manual penalty
    2. Your site has been algorithmically hit by Google

    Lifting a manual penalty

    Recovering the dropped rankings for a few manually penalised keywords is usually easier than trying to recover an entire site that has been hit algorithmically.

    Is it worth the effort? The answer largely depends on:

    1.The reasons that the penalty was invoked
    2.How many links need to be removed
    3.How many links can realistically be removed
    4.The time and effort required to remove them
    5.The costs ***ociated with the link removal process
    6.How long you can afford to have poor search visibility

    Recovering from algorithmic devaluations

    Link removal services can also help in cases of traffic drops caused by algorithmic devaluations.
    There is no transparency on which links/domains Google will actually discount.
    You will not get notified when the unconsidered file gets processed.
    In some cases Google has cited such links as bad link examples of unnatural links.
    All these reasons clearly show that just disavowing may not be enough and link removals may be worth the effort.

    Proactive link removals

    Some of the clients I’ve worked with find it hard to believe that proactively removing links without having received a penalty or having lost traffic is worthwhile. Unfortunately, the truth is that when a site gets hit manually or algorithmically it’s too late and a full recovery in most cases can take months. For most businesses it is much more sustainable to allocate some of the available budget to proactive link removals rather than being under the pressure and uncertainty of lifting a penalty.

    Google’s tolerance of unnatural links is constantly diminishing, so unless you regularly audit and remove any inorganic links which may be found pointing to your site, the day you may get hit will be getting closer and closer. In addition, even if there were no manipulative link building activities in your site’s entire backlink history, there are no guarantees that your backlink profile is squeaky clean.

  • lisajohn
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    • May 2007
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    Here are a few scenarios where they might be necessary or beneficial:
    1. Penalty Recovery: If your website has been penalized by search engines due to unnatural or spammy backlinks, removing those links can help in penalty recovery.
    2. Algorithmic Changes: Search engine algorithms, such as Google's Penguin update, target low-quality or unnatural backlinks. Removing these links can prevent or recover from ranking drops caused by algorithm updates.
    3. Website Cleanup: Over time, websites may accumulate irrelevant or harmful backlinks. Removing these links can improve the overall quality of your backlink profile and enhance your site's SEO health.
    4. Rebranding or Change of Focus: If your business undergoes rebranding or shifts its focus, you may want to remove backlinks from irrelevant or outdated sources to align your backlink profile with your new business strategy.
    5. Manual Actions: Sometimes, Google may issue manual actions against your site due to unnatural links. In such cases, demonstrating efforts to remove those links through a link removal service can support your reconsideration request.
    6. Negative SEO: Competitors or malicious entities might engage in negative SEO tactics, such as building spammy links to your site. Identifying and removing these harmful links can mitigate their impact on your site's SEO.