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    • Mar 2004
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    About Mohnesh Kohli Founder of Megrisoft Limited

    Mohnesh Kohli is a prominent figure in the Indian IT industry. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to digital marketing and software development.

    As the founder and CEO of Megrisoft Limited, Kohli has established a reputable IT company that provides businesses a wide range of services. With a strong background in commerce and a keen interest in digital marketing, web, and mobile app development, he has successfully navigated the ever-evolving technological landscape.

    Kohli's educational background and his extensive experience spanning 25 years in the IT industry have equipped him with a deep understanding of workflow performance, operations management, and the strategic implementation of web properties and social media strategies. This multifaceted expertise has been instrumental in driving Megrisoft Limited's success and positioning it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative solutions.

    Under Kohli's leadership, Megrisoft Limited has established itself as a leading provider of cutting-edge digital solutions, offering services such as website development, mobile app development, digital marketing campaigns, and more. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality services and staying ahead of industry trends has earned it a reputation for excellence.

    In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Kohli is an active investor and strategist, constantly seeking new opportunities and exploring innovative approaches to leverage technology for business growth. His experience as a speaker has allowed him to share his insights and knowledge with audiences, inspiring others and contributing to the advancement of the IT industry.

    Mohnesh Kohli's journey as an entrepreneur, investor, and thought leader in IT and digital marketing is a testament to his vision, dedication, and p***ion for leveraging technology to drive business success.
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