Dr. Gina Helfrich argues that the term “frontier AI” should be retired. 

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  • megri
    • Mar 2004
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    Dr. Gina Helfrich argues that the term “frontier AI” should be retired. 

    A recent paper from Dr. Gina Helfrich (of the University of Edinburgh) argues that the term “frontier AI” should be retired.

    Dr. Gina Helfrich, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Technomoral Futures, argues that the term "frontier AI" should be rejected. In a recent article, she explains that this terminology is problematic because it "frames AI development as a race to the edge of the unknown, with little regard for the real-world impacts on people and communities."

    Helfrich contends that the focus on "frontier AI" and hypothetical "existential risks" distracts from the actual harms caused by current AI systems, such as job losses, biased decision-making, and environmental damage. She suggests that the AI industry and policymakers should instead prioritize addressing these concrete issues that affect millions of people today.

    Furthermore, Helfrich argues that the term "frontier AI" is often used by "techno-optimists" who are eager to rapidly develop and deploy advanced AI tools, while dismissing concerns about safety and ethics as a "m*** demoralisation campaign." She believes a more cautious, responsible approach is needed to ensure AI is developed and applied in a way that benefits society as a whole.

    In summary, Dr. Helfrich's research challenges the prevalent narrative around "frontier AI" and calls for a shift in focus towards mitigating the real-world harms of current AI systems and promoting responsible development of the technology.
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