Struggling to catch up on meetings or write clear messages? Microsoft Teams' AI Copilot is getting an upgrade! Learn how it will transform your chats, calls & meetings. Upgrade your teamwork! Microsoft Teams gets smarter with AI-powered Copilot for better meetings, chats & call summaries. Plus, improved features for hybrid meetings.

Calling all Microsoft Teams users! Get ready for a smarter way to collaborate. Microsoft is rolling out a suite of new artificial intelligence (AI) features that will significantly enhance your Team experience, making meetings and chats more efficient and productive.

See the Whole Picture

Imagine seamlessly catching up on a missed meeting. With the latest Copilot update, you can do just that. Copilot will now integrate spoken transcripts and chat conversations into a single view. This means no more jumping back and forth to understand the full context of a discussion.

Write Like a Pro

Are you struggling to craft the perfect message? Copilot is here to help! The AI ***istant will soon offer creative rewriting suggestions for your Teams chats. Simply provide some context and choose your desired tone—whether it's a call to action or a more casual approach—and Copilot will offer options to elevate your message.

Never Miss a Beat on Calls

Stay on top of your phone calls, even if you miss them. Copilot will automatically generate intelligent summaries of your calls, capturing key points and decisions. This ensures everyone stays informed, regardless of their availability.

Enhanced Hybrid Meetings

These AI upgrades are just one part of the Microsoft Teams transformation. New features are also being introduced to streamline the experience for both remote and in-room participants in hybrid meetings. Automatic camera switching will focus on the active speaker, while recognition technology will ensure clear audio attribution.

Expanding Your Reach

The improvements don't stop there. Microsoft is also partnering with new carriers to expand the reach of Teams Phone Mobile. You can make and receive calls directly through the Teams app on your mobile device, regardless of location or carrier.

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These advancements position Microsoft Teams as a leader in intelligent collaboration tools. With AI-powered features and a focus on inclusivity in hybrid meetings, Teams is making communication and teamwork smoother.