What is Domain Forwarding?

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  • ceesil

    What is Domain Forwarding?

    Domain Forwarding is used to forward any visitors to your domain name to any destination of your choice. Anyone who enters http://www.yourforwardeddomainname.com will be redirected to any other website of your choice say for example your original domain name http://www.youroriginaldomainname.com

    Domain Forwarding is a great tool for those who are making use of free webspace available from providers such as Geocities, Tripod, Yahoo etc. One can simply register a domain name and forward it to their actual site.
  • Mohit Rana
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    • Jan 2024
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    Domain forwarding, also known as URL forwarding or domain redirection, is a technique used in web hosting and domain management where one domain's web traffic is redirected to another domain. This means that when someone types in or clicks on a link to the original domain, their browser is automatically directed to the specified destination domain.

    There are several reasons why someone might use domain forwarding:
    1. Branding: If a company has multiple domain names, they might want to consolidate all of their web traffic onto one primary domain for branding purposes.
    2. Correcting Misspellings: Domain forwarding can be used to redirect traffic from common misspellings or variations of a domain name to the correct one.
    3. Migrating Websites: When migrating a website to a new domain, domain forwarding can ensure that visitors to the old domain are automatically directed to the new one.
    4. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketers often use domain forwarding to cloak affiliate links, making them appear as though they are part of their own domain.