What host will be better: Amanah or Webwerks?

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  • Asero

    What host will be better: Amanah or Webwerks?

    Greetings to all webmasters here,
    It happened so that I reached a deadlock on web hosting choice.
    I recognized that Amanah.com as well as Webwerks.in have stable servers.
    What host would be better for me? Why?

    I am thinking to host 1 big forum, 3 Joomla sites and 1 wordpress blog.
  • asolls

    It seems to me that it will be much more reasonable to choose Amanah.com.
    Their website is professional and straightforward; they report the facts clearly and intelligently.
    I like their 100Mbps Servers.
    I think you will make the right decision to choose this host.


    • Guest

      Webwerks.in is a wonderful host. I must say that whatever they experienced seems to of been out of the ordinary because so far everything has been working 100% and I'm really happy I made the switch to them. I can't ask for more. I will definitely ask my customers to switch over.


      • Prodigy
        Senior Member
        • Dec 2008
        • 115

        If I were you, I'd better choose webwerks.in managed servers - the thing is that it has good reputation.
        They have been providing hosting since 1996 and have stable servers in India and USA.
        Their Live Chat is very helpful - contact them.


        • Mohit Rana
          Senior Member
          • Jan 2024
          • 358


          Choosing between Amanah and Webwerks depends on your specific needs and priorities. Both hosts have their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:
          1. Performance: Look into factors like server uptime, network speed, and overall performance. Check if either host has a reputation for faster loading times and reliable service.
          2. Features: Compare the features offered by both hosts. This includes storage space, bandwidth, security features, scalability options, and any additional services like domain registration or SSL certificates.
          3. Customer Support: Consider the quality and availability of customer support. A responsive and knowledgeable support team can be crucial, especially if you encounter technical issues or have questions about your hosting account.
          4. Pricing: Compare the pricing plans of both hosts and consider whether they fit within your budget. Be sure to look for any hidden fees or extra charges that might apply.
          5. User Reviews: Look for reviews and testimonials from other users to get a sense of their experiences with each host. Pay attention to any recurring complaints or praises about the hosting service.
          6. Specialization: Some hosting providers specialize in specific types of hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers. Consider which type of hosting you need and whether either host specializes in that area.

          By evaluating these factors and possibly others specific to your needs, you can make an informed decision on which host will be better for you: Amanah or Webwerks.


          • lisajohn
            Senior Member
            • May 2007
            • 309

            Choosing between Amanah and Webwerks for web hosting depends on several factors, including your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Here’s a comparison to help you decide:


            • Specialized Hosting: Amanah is known for offering high-bandwidth hosting services, particularly suitable for businesses that need a lot of data transfer.
            • Privacy and Security: Known for strong privacy protections, making it a good choice for businesses concerned about data security.
            • Custom Solutions: Offers tailored hosting solutions to meet specific client needs.
            • Cost: Can be more expensive compared to other hosting providers due to the specialized services offered.
            • Geographical Limitation: Primarily based in Canada, which might be a consideration depending on your target audience and data regulations.

            • Wide Range of Services: Offers a variety of hosting solutions, including cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation services.
            • Global Reach: Has multiple data centers across India, the USA, and Europe, providing good options for businesses with a global presence.
            • Scalability: Known for easily scalable solutions, which can be beneficial for growing businesses.
            • 24/7 Support: Provides round-the-clock support to address any technical issues promptly.
            • Cost: Pricing can be on the higher side, especially for more advanced hosting solutions.
            • Complexity: With a wide range of services, it might be overwhelming for small businesses or individuals to choose the right package.
            Key Considerations
            1. Type of Website or Application:
              • If you need high-bandwidth hosting with a focus on privacy and security, Amanah might be the better choice.
              • If you require a more versatile range of hosting services with global data center options, Webwerks is a strong contender.
            2. Budget:
              • Compare the pricing plans of both providers to see which one fits your budget while meeting your hosting requirements.
            3. Technical Support:
              • Consider the level of support you might need. Webwerks offers 24/7 support, which can be crucial for resolving issues promptly.
            4. Location:
              • The geographical location of data centers can affect website loading times. Choose a provider with data centers closer to your target audience.


            • hunterr75
              Junior Member
              • Sep 2006
              • 13

              Accounts from allwebhost.com and hostnamaste.com are full-featured and they can be quite right for you.
              They are always caring, knowledgeable, supportive. Do not hesitate to join them. It is worth it. They are honest and reliable.